Preventive examination

✔ We recommend performance of preventive medical examination once a year. We perform echoscopy, examination of true pelvis organs and cervical. If necessary, we perform cancer cytological examinationand other tests.

Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology

✔ We perform cancer cytological examinationin liquid media, cervical examination with microscope(colposcopy), biopsy and excisional biopsy which may replace surgery treatment, we define HPV DNA type, performCINtecPLUStest, remove cervical polyps.
✔ For treatment of cervical pathology, we apply nitrogen freezing and electrosurgery.

Diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases

✔ In consideration of a patient’s complaints (menstrual disorders, bleeding, menopausal symptoms, infection, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of urinary bladder, etc.), we perform necessary tests and procedures and assign an individual treatment.
✔ Smears are examinedon the spot (immediate examination of vaginal microflora).

Selection of contraception

✔ We select proper contraceptive agents.
✔ We insert and remove spirals.

Prenatal care

✔ We take care of pregnant women.
✔ We refer to maternity leave, issue sick certificates.
✔ We perform echoscopy of embryo.
✔ We advise on childbirth.
✔ Tests necessary for a pregnant woman are performed on the spot.


✔ We perform echoscopy of genital organs, breast, embryo, internal organs (liver, kidney), lymph nodes, thyroid.

Diagnosis of breast disease

✔ We recommend examination ofbreast once a year.
✔ We perform breast echoscopy and diagnostic punctures.

Cancer prevention

✔ The main preventive measure – regular physician office visits (not less than once a year).
✔ We perform cervical examinations, tumor markers.

Ambulatory surgery

✔ We perform cervical cone biopsy, common biopsy.
✔ We remove polyps.
✔ We perform mucous membrane of uterus, uterine cavity and cervical abrasion.
✔ We remove little growths (warts, genital warts) on vulva and perineum chemically, with electric loopand nitrogen freezing.


✔ We perform initial infertility tests.
✔ We also performHyFoSy – hysterosalpingo-foam sonography examining patency of fallopian tubes and growths in uterine cavity.


✔ We terminate pregnancy to 7 weeks of pregnancy. If duration of pregnancy is more than 7 weeks, we perform necessary tests and refer to inpatient department.


✔ All laboratory tests are performedon the spot.

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