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Gyd. V. Jonaitiene clinic, patients are consulted on genetics by dr. geneticist, obstetrician-gynaecologist Sandra Tumėnė.

What services does a geneticist provide?
✔ Supervises normal and high-risk pregnancies;
Advice on:
– genetic tests (NIPT, etc.)
– recurrent miscarriages;
– pregnancy at an older age;
– planning a pregnancy with a family history of hereditary diseases;
– pregnancy and risk factors: taking medication (for diseases or conditions unrelated to pregnancy), viral infections.
✔ Performs genetic fetal echoscopies. Fetal genetic echocardiography can measure the long bones of the fetus, the circumference of the head and abdomen, assess brain structures, facial bones, heart chambers and the flow of important blood vessels and valves, and look for other markers of genetic pathology.

In which cases should you see a doctor? Sandra Tumėne?
✔ If you are 35 years old or older at your due date;
✔ The biological father of the foetus is aged 42 years or older at the time of conception;
✔ You have had at least 2 spontaneous miscarriages or non-developing pregnancies;
✔ If you have an infectious disease (rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection, etc.) during pregnancy, or if you are exposed to harmful chemical and/or physical agents (radiation, chemotherapy, high temperatures, or drugs that can have teratogenic effects);
✔ Ultrasound examination to detect fetal and/or pregnancy abnormalities or markers of chromosomal abnormalities;
✔ You and the biological father of the foetus are first to third cousins;
✔ When you become pregnant after an assisted reproduction procedure. When fertilised in a test-tube, the effect of external factors may be stronger on the foetus than when it is conceived in your body.
✔ If you have been diagnosed with changes in the number or structure of fetal chromosomes in previous pregnancies;
✔ If you have given birth to a child with a chromosomal or genetic disorder, or a child with multiple malformations;
✔ At least one pregnancy has been terminated due to a malformation;
✔ You or the biological father of the foetus have a hereditary disease or a congenital developmental defect or are carriers of a hereditary disease
✔ You or a first-degree relative of your husband (the biological father of the foetus) has a hereditary disease or a congenital developmental defect;
✔ Balanced chromosomal rearrangements or mosaic karyotypes are detected in you or the biological father of the foetus;
✔ Biochemical markers of chromosomal diseases or neural tube defects are detected in your blood serum.


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